01h 59m 48s | NR | Feature Film

Ricky (Adam Bakri) is a Muslim refugee who is proudly assimilated into Australian culture. His estranged sister Ameena (Danielle Horvat), is a hijab-wearing, politicised slam poet who is unafraid to air her views on Australian society. When Ameena disappears, Ricky is forced to revisit his internal conflicts over his own identity as he and his mother desperately search for her. When the right-wing media seizes on the story, speculating that Ameena has fled the country to join the Islamic State, the family suffers a barrage of scrutiny – even as they fear it could be true. Joanne (Rachael Blake) is the troubled police officer in charge of investigating the case.


Additional screening of this film

Thursday 12th September, 7:15pm - Deckchair Cinema, Darwin, as part of Darwin International Film Festival

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